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2023. December 08. | Today is Mária day.
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Motel Penny udvarMotel Penny udvar 3
Motel Penny *** | H-6400 Kiskunhalas, Brázay Kálmán utca 8. (volt Szűts József utca) | +36-77/425-103 | recepcio @

Motel Penny 

Address:  Kiskunhalas, Brázay Kálmán street 8. 

You can book a room by phone call or E-mail to the reception:

Telefon: (+36) 77 425 103


If you wish to book a room for today or tomorrow, please call the reception by phone.

Please note that the name of the street has changed, the former name was Szüts József street. Older maps and GPS may have the old street name!

GPS: 46 25’ 36.60 N 19 29’ 40.65 E

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